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This Valentine's Day, Mamasons Have a Sweet Surprise for You!

Guess what's making a comeback? It's our heart-stealing homemade Red Velvet Bilog, and it's here to turn your Valentine's Day into an unforgettable sweet escapade. Mamasons is all set to sprinkle a little extra love this February 14th, 2024, and trust us, you won't want to miss out.

Why We're All About the Red Velvet Bilog Love

Imagine this: A day dedicated to love, and there we are, bringing back everyone's favourite treat by popular demand. Yes, the RED VELVET BILOG is making its grand return, and we're here to make sure your Valentine's is as sweet and memorable as possible. Ready to fall in love all over again?

Introducing Your Dream Date: The Red Velvet Bilog

Meet the star of our Valentine's Day special – the one and only Red Velvet Bilog. Crafted to perfection, our Red Velvet Bilog promises to be the best you've ever had, making it the perfect companion for your Valentine's celebration. Whether you're sharing it with your significant other or treating yourself, it's guaranteed to be love at first bite.

The Secret Behind the Swoon-Worthy Bilog 

Curious about what makes our Red Velvet Bilog so irresistible? Picture this: a generous scoop of creamy queso ice cream, nestled within a warm, toasted pandesal bun, all topped off with velvety cream cheese icing and covered with red velvet cake crumbs. It's a fusion of flavours that'll make your heart sing and your taste buds dance.

Where to Capture the Magic

Ready for your romantic dessert date? Swing by our Chinatown, Kentish Town, or Westfield branches this Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2024. And hey, why not spread the love? Snap a photo, share it on Instagram, and tag us @Mamasons with #MamasonsRedVelvetBilog. Let's make this Valentine's Day all about love, laughter, and delicious memories.

P.S. We can almost hear your tummy rumbling from here. Can't wait to see you and share the love (and the bilog) with you. After all, what's Valentine's Day without a little sweetness?