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Red Bean Ice Cream - Flavor of the Month for Lunar New Year at Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream

Celebrating Lunar New Year with a Sweet Twist

As the Lunar New Year heralds a period of joy, family reunions, and cultural celebrations, Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream introduces a unique and delightful treat to its menu - the Red Bean Ice Cream. This special flavour, chosen as the "Flavour of the Month," aligns perfectly with the festivities of the Lunar New Year, offering an innovative blend of traditional Asian ingredients and contemporary dessert culture.

Why Red Bean?

Red beans, known for their sweet and subtly earthy flavour, are a staple in Asian desserts. They symbolise good luck and prosperity, making them an ideal ingredient for a Lunar New Year treat. Red beans are also full of health benefits; rich in iron, phosphorus and potassium! It is on par with spinach’s iron levels.

The Mamasons Touch

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream, renowned for its unique approach to traditional Filipino 'dirty' ice cream, has once again shown its culinary creativity with the Red Bean Ice Cream. The ice cream is made using the finest red beans, carefully cooked and sweetened to perfection, then blended into a creamy base to create a smooth, indulgent texture.

A Taste of Tradition

The red bean flavour is prominent but not overpowering, allowing the creamy texture of the ice cream to shine through. The red bean is subtly sweet, with an earthy, nutty flavour!

Perfect Pairings

To enhance your experience, Mamasons offers a variety of pairings with the Red Bean Ice Cream. Whether it's with their famous Bilog - a milk bun filled with ice cream - or simply on a cone, each combination promises to be a memorable part of your Lunar New Year celebration.

A Limited Time Treat

Remember, the Red Bean Ice Cream is available only for a limited time during the Lunar New Year that falls on February 10, 2024. It's a unique opportunity to indulge in a dessert that bridges cultures and celebrates tradition in a modern, delicious way.


Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream's Red Bean Ice Cream is more than just a flavour of the month - it's a celebration of cultural fusion, tradition, and innovation. This Lunar New Year, immerse yourself in the festivities with a scoop of this delightful treat and enjoy a sweet start to the year ahead. Happy Lunar New Year! 🍦🎉🧧