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Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream Featured in Financial Times for Lunar New Year

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream, the world's first Filipino ice cream parlour, has been making waves in London's foodie scene with its unique blend of traditional Filipino flavours and contemporary dessert trends. And now, the parlour has been featured in the Financial Times, as part of an article on the revival of business optimism in London's Chinatown for Lunar New Year.

Celebrating Lunar New Year

Written by Daniel Thomas, the chief UK business correspondent for the Financial Times, the article discusses the post-pandemic recovery of Chinatown's local restaurants, and how the Lunar New Year parade has marked a turning point for the area. Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream is singled out for its role in the diversification of Chinatown's food offerings, with its unique blend of Filipino flavours alongside regional Chinese and other Asian options.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of trying Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream, the parlour specialises in bringing traditional Filipino flavours to the London dessert scene. Customers can choose from flavours like Ube (purple yam), Milo (a popular chocolate malt drink), Black Buko (young coconut), Queso (cheese), and sorbets like Calamansi (a citrus fruit) and Guyabano (soursop). The most popular item on the menu is the bilog, a unique take on the classic ice cream sandwich that uses a freshly-baked pandesal bun (a Filipino milk bun) in place of the usual cookie or wafer.



A Filipino Dessert Experience

What sets Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream apart is its commitment to quality and authenticity. The parlour uses only the freshest ingredients and takes inspiration from traditional Filipino desserts like halo-halo and ube brownie. We also bake our pandesal buns fresh every day at their sister brand and bakery, Panadera, to ensure that customers get the perfect combination of warm, fluffy milk bread and cold, creamy ice cream.


Ice Cream Across London

With locations in Camden, Chinatown, and Westfield London, Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream is quickly becoming a must-visit destination for foodies and dessert lovers in the city. And with the Lunar New Year parade marking the start of a new chapter for Chinatown, it's clear that Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream will continue to play a major role in the area's thriving food scene.


Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream has several locations across London, each situated in diverse and eclectic parts of the city. The parlours can be found in Kentish Town Road in Camden, Newport Court in Chinatown London, and on the ground floor of the Atrium at Westfield London in White City. So no matter where you are in the city, you can always discover the flavors of the Philippines. If you want to find out more about the other Filipino flavours, check out our other brands in Maginhawa Group

Flavours of the Philippines in London

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream is a unique and innovative addition to London's foodie landscape, with a focus on quality, authenticity, and traditional Filipino flavours. Whether you're a fan of classic ice cream flavours or you're looking to try something new and exciting, Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream is definitely worth a visit or going for takeaway and delivery.