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Who are Maginhawa?

‘Maginhawa’ is the new YouTube channel by the owners who brought the first Filipino ice cream parlour, Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream, in the UK. As well as, pan- Asian restaurants: Bintang, Ramo Ramen and Guanabana. Omar and Mae, who, in their state of prosperity and growth of their ever-growing expansion, feel maginhawa. 

What does maginhawa mean?

Pronounced as MAG-IN-HAWA.
Maginhawa is derived from the Tagalog word ginahawa, which translates to comfort, relief, prosperity and blessing. Whilst maginhawa is the adjective and the state of feeling ginhawa. 

Why maginhawa?

Despite the Filipino roots in their pan-Asian restaurants at Bintang, Ramo Ramen and Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream, Omar and Mae intend to showcase their cross-cultural and multi-national diversity of their company. Their expansion with Guanabana, based on Latin - Caribbean cuisine, as well as Moi Moi Island (which will be opening soon as a West African take-out), is only the beginning.

Maginhawa is the collective of all the businesses and work that Omar and Mae have done and will do, that are not solely linked to the Filipino culture and food industry.

The Maginhawa YouTube Channel

The Maginhawa Group’s channel will illustrate and be the bridge between you guys and the people behind the brands that you’ve been supporting. With their new YouTube channel, you’ll be able to explore Omar and Mae’s journey with them as they continue to experience maginhawa. You’ll get to watch every-other-day vlogs to cooking and testing out new recipes from their restaurants and podcasts. To also, behind the scenes footage of what it takes to create, establish and run the eclectic businesses that they own. Bassiccaallly, anything we don’t show you on our main ig channels.

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