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This week we are excited to launch our new ‘Kape Kulay’ collection! We brought you the first Ube flavoured iced latte, being the first Filipino ice cream parlour in the UK. Now we’re adding Milo and Black Buko flavours to our range! Bringing you an assortment of Filipino flavoured inspired iced lattes. They’ll make you feel as if you’re in the Philippine tropics yourself.

The Black Buko is our signature coconut cream flavour with activated charcoal for its black colour. For this iced latte, the coconut base with our barako coffee packs a punch with its coconutty and tropical essence of the Philippines

Our Milo, a malted chocolate cream flavour, is our version for an iced mocha drink. A household staple powdered drink in Asia, this flavoured iced latte is perfect for anyone who adores the taste of coffee and the impact of caffeine, but loves the taste of chocolate more!


The iced lattes are loaded with the rich flavours from Kapeng Barako (Liberico beans) from the Philippines. Our barako beans are supplied from Barak Bean Co.,who source their beans specifically from the mountain regions of Malaryat in Lipa, Batangas and the volcanic region in Bukidnon, Mindanao. The labour of love from being hand picked, sun dried and hand sorted, give barako coffee that special flavour and essence only found in kapeng barako. A coffee that is mellow, sweet yet handsomely fragrant.


Our ‘Kape Kulay’ Collection is now available! And with Black Buko and Milo flavours added to our iced latte range, make for an ideal caffeine-fueled summer beverage.

To celebrate this launch, for a limited time only, we’re doing a 2 for 1 offer on our new iced lattes for the 9th July 2019 to the 14th July 2019. Please make sure to take a pic and share your experience by tagging #KapeKulay. So why don’t you grab a friend and head on over to either of our Kentish Town and Chinatown branches today!

Remember to keep an eye out on our ig @mamasonsdirtyicecream for updates, and to follow our new YouTube channel, Maginhawa. We look forward to seeing you guys try our new iced lattes in our branches soon!