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A Must Try! Vegan Ice Cream in London

Where to go for Vegan Ice Cream and Sorbets in London

In honour of Veganuary, the espesyal flavour of the month had to of course be the vegan option of our Ube Ice Cream. The Ube flavour has been the heart of Mamasons since it’s opening in 2017, from our famous dirty ice cream, coffees, and baked goods, ube has always been in our menu.

Made with coconut milk, our Vegan Ube ice cream maintains an earthy vanilla taste with hints of coconut flavours. By showcasing this traditional flavour to the people of London we have been able to share a piece of Filipino culture which has now built a great community. 

Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches, Cones, and Shakes!

We are so excited for all of our vegan and lactose intolerant friends to try our Vegan Ube Ice Cream! In each of our branches we encourage you to try our Vegan Ube Ice Cream in all sorts of ways! You can avail this flavour in four ways; as a scoop, with a cone, a non-dairy milk shake or as a Kentish Town exclusive vegan ice cream sandwich.


Ice Cream Deliveries in London

We wanted to share our newest ice cream flavour to as many people as possible so we made it available in all three Mamasons branches spread across London! Taste our Vegan Ube ice cream by visiting any of our 'dirty ice cream' parlours located in Chinatown (Central London), Kentish Town (North London), or Westfield (West London).

Now available on UberEats, our Kentish Town and Westfield branches have you covered just sit back and relax and have the ice cream to come to you. Don’t forget to give us a share experience by tagging us on our instagram! Open 7 days a week, 12pm to 10pm!


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