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3 Reasons Why You Should Try Turon Ice Cream

This holiday season, we’re celebrating the festive mood in our own way–through ice cream! The best ice cream in London is expanding its family of flavours with its newest member: Turon Ice Cream. 

If you haven’t heard of Turon just yet, check out why it’s the dessert flavour of the season below!

1. Turon is sweet, crunchy, and full of flavour

A popular dessert and snack in the Philippines, Turon is usually served as an afternoon treat after a long day at school or at work. It’s made of plantain banana and jackfruit wrapped in filo dough and topped with mouthwatering Dulce de Leche! 


2. Turon now also comes in milkshakes

We’ve also turned our new ice cream flavour into a dessert you can drink! Savour the sweetness and crunchiness of the classic Filipino snack with our Turon Milkshake at any time of the day. 


3. It’s available all over London! 

We wanted to bring our newest ice cream flavour to as many people as possible so we made it available in all three Mamasons branches spread across London! Taste Turon ice cream by visiting any of our dirty ice cream parlours located in Chinatown (Central London), Kentish Town (North London), or Westfield (West London).

What are you waiting for? Try the well-loved dessert staple in the Philippines and celebrate the holidays with the best ice cream in London!


Our Locations:

Mamasons Chinatown 

32 Newport Court, Chinatown London, WC2H 7PQ

Tel # 020 7287 7955

Monday to Sunday: 12PM to 10PM

Mamasons Kentish Town

91 Kentish Town Road London NW1 8NY

Tel # 020 7287 7955

Monday to Sunday: 12PM to 10PM

Mamasons Westfield

Westfield London Kiosk 1018B

Ariel Way, London, W12 7GF

Monday to Saturday: 10AM to 9PM

Sunday: 12PM to 6PM