What is 555?

The desserts that made you all ecstatic from it's taste & appeal, will be on offer throughout the month to celebrate this grand occasion! All the desserts mentioned below will be sold for £5 everyday from 5pm-6pm at all our branches starting 7th July 2022! 


Mamasons Bilog  Mamasons Buko Pie 
Mamasons Ice cream tubs
Mamasons Halo halo
Mamasons Ube Brownie


Offers on London's Best Desserts

With this, you can get the taste of some of London’s best summer desserts on a budget! 

The halo halo, Bilogs, Ube brownie, Buko pie, milkshakes & Ice-cream tubs will all have their prices reduced to £5 for 1 hour everyday for the whole month of July! 

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What is Halo halo?

Halo Halo is a Filipino dessert shake fully loaded with delicious elements like coconut strands, sweet red bean, jelly evaporated milk, shaved ice, leche flan, a wafer stick and a scoop of ube ice-cream topped with some choco crunch bits and cornflakes! This is the best mix of Filipino flavours you can ever get in a dessert! 

What is a Bilog?

A bilog is a Filipino milk bun, also known as a Pandesal, that has dirty ice-cream stuffed between it. It is a traditional Filipino take on an ice-cream sandwich and is the perfect dessert for this summer having London’s best ice-cream flavours to choose from! The Pandesal is baked & prepared in the kitchen of our sister bakery, Panadera and has a melt-in-your-mouth feel to it! 


The History of Mamasons

Starting our journey in 2017 under the Maginhawa Group with the first ever branch in Kentish town, we have come a long way! We then opened in Chinatown in 2018 and Westfield, White City last year!



This year, as we embark upon our 5 year journey, there is only love & gratitude for all our loyal customers and hence, we decided to do something special by celebrating this milestone! 



  • This offer is only valid on limited Mamasons products
  • This offer is only valid between 5pm-6pm
  • The offer starts on 7th July, 2022 at 5pm
  • The offer is valid at all of our branches (Kentish Town, Chinatown & Westfield White City)




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