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The Best Plant Based Espesyal Sorbetes is Peach and Passionfruit for the month of August

Discover Delicious Plant-Based Treats at Our Shop

A World of Vegan Desserts Awaits

Dive into the world of vegan desserts at our shop, where traditional Filipino desserts meet innovative plant-based cooking. Whether you follow a vegan diet, are lactose intolerant, or simply enjoy exploring new flavours, our dessert selection offers something unique and delightful for everyone.

London's Best Sorbetes Flavour: Peach and Passionfruit

Savour the exquisite flavours of the best sorbetes, a Filipino-style ice cream, in London. Crafted with care and precision, our sorbetes are a delectable combination of fresh fruits, sugar, and water. This delightful dessert is not just a vegan treat but also an experience that pays homage to the rich culinary tradition of the Philippines.

For the month of August, our spotlight is on an extraordinary blend that is fast becoming the talk of the town - the peach and passion fruit sorbetes. Each scoop of this tantalising blend delivers a punch of unique flavours. The sweetness of ripe peaches merges seamlessly with the slightly tart passion fruit, creating a symphony of tropical flavours that is simply unforgettable.

This special concoction of peach and passion fruit is more than just an ice cream flavour. It represents our commitment to introducing London to the diversity of Filipino flavours while celebrating the seasonality of fruits. With its perfectly balanced sweet and tangy profile, it has quickly gained the reputation of being the top sorbetes flavour in London.

So, if you're on the lookout for a new dessert experience or are a fan of exotic flavours, come and discover our sorbetes. Whether it's a sunny afternoon treat or an after-dinner delight, the peach and passion fruit sorbetes is ready to transport your taste buds to a tropical paradise!


Calamansi and Lychee Sorbetes: A Symphony of Classic Filipino Flavours

Further explore our sorbetes range with our calamansi and lychee flavours. The tart calamansi and sweet lychee sorbetes are crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure a satisfying taste adventure. These refreshing treats offer a guilt-free way to cool down on hot days.

Vegan Milkshakes: Your Plant-Based Drink

Our vegan offerings extend beyond sorbetes. Try our vegan milkshakes, made with your choice of soya, oat, or coconut milk blended with fresh fruit. These milkshakes provide a creamy, dairy-free delight tailored to your taste preferences. Customise your milkshake to match your mood or try something new each time you visit.

Vegan Halo-Halo: A Delicious Filipino Classic, Reimagined

Explore the layers of flavour in our vegan halo-halo, a classic Filipino dessert reimagined with shaved ice, sweet beans, and a variety of vegan toppings. This refreshing treat is perfect for cooling off on a hot day or satisfying your sweet tooth.

Signature Vegetarian Desserts: The Ultimate Personalized Sweet Experience

Allow us to introduce you to our three signature vegetarian desserts, each offering a unique sensory experience and perfectly paired with different ice cream flavours of your choice:

Bilog: This is our take on the classic ice cream sandwich. A warm, toasted pandesal bread filled with your choice of ice cream flavour. The contrasting temperatures and textures create a memorable taste experience.

Ube Brownie: This is a delightful twist on the traditional brownie. Made with ube, a purple yam, this brownie adds an unexpected pop of colour and a touch of earthy sweetness. Paired with ice cream, it's a match made in dessert heaven.

Buko Pie: This is a traditional Filipino dessert made from young coconut, or "buko," encased in a sweet, flaky pastry. Top it off with a scoop of ice cream for the perfect blend of hot and cold, creamy and crunchy.

Celebrate Vegan and Vegetarian Desserts at Our Shop

At our shop, we proudly provide vegan and vegetarian dessert options that do not compromise on taste, texture, or tradition. From sorbetes and milkshakes to our unique signature desserts, our treats are sure to tantalise your taste buds while aligning with your dietary preferences. So why wait? Visit us today and explore the wonderful world of vegan and vegetarian desserts.