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Mamasons' Ensaymada In London

Welcoming Ensaymada in London

Want to warm yourself up but don’t know how to? Maybe something moist and buttery can do the trick. We are bringing back a special piece of home from the motherland, the Philippines. Our scrumptious Ensaymada. Ensaymada is a soft, buttery, brioche-like sweetbread. Devouring an Ensaymada with family and friends has been a big part when celebrating in the Philippines and the best thing is that it can be eaten all year round! A perfect every day snack especially for merienda (mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack). It is best paired with a coffee or tea.


History of Ensaymada

Its’ origins can be traced to the Spanish Mollorcan Ensaïmada but has evolved throughout the years to become what it is now loved by many Filipinos. It has also been adapted to our Asian sensibilities by loading it with salted egg, cheese, margarine and sugar. The Philippine province of Bulacan, is famous for this bread. In the past, Ensaymada was simply just coated with butter, sprinkled with sugar then topped with cheese but today it includes toppings of sliced salted egg, which make them a lot more special.


Here in Mamasons, we’ve changed the original shape to create a more enhanced rich Ensaymada flavour. From the sugar, butter and cheese we wanted to fully incorporate it with the dough making each individual bite an indulging and sweet piece of heaven. We guarantee that this is the best Ensaymada in London. It comes with a free pot of cream and grated cheese if you’re feeling extra.


So what are you waiting for? Have a piece of the Philippines right here in town! You can drop by either our Kentish Town or Chinatown branches to try yours today or order online here.