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The Best Filipino Ice Cream featured in Digital Publication, Roadbook!

London Asian Desserts

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream, a Filipino ice cream parlour based in London, has been making waves in the city's foodie and dessert scene. But the brand has also gained international recognition, thanks to a feature article in a new digital platform called Roadbook. The article, written by local editor David Paw, explores how London's new wave Asian cafes have built a cohesive community, and Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream is one of the brands at the forefront of this movement.

Best Filipino Ice Cream

Paw's article in Roadbook highlights how some of the brands of the Maginhawa Group, including Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream, are "Proudly Filipino." This is a stark contrast to the experience of owner Omar Shah growing up in Kentish Town, where he had to hide his heritage and struggled to explain the appeal of Filipino cuisine to his friends. Today, Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream is helping to put Filipino flavours on the map in London and beyond.

Ube Ice Cream, made with purple yam on a filipino milk bun (bilog)

Discover Flavours of the Philippines

One of the things that sets Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream apart is its commitment to using authentic Filipino ingredients and flavours. The parlour serves up a range of ice cream flavours that are popular in the Philippines, including Ube, Milo, Black Buko, Queso, and sorbets like Calamansi and Guyabano. The most popular and best-selling item on the menu is the bilog, a Filipino milk bun that's made using the same dough as a pandesal. The buns are freshly baked at Mamasons' sister brand and bakery, Panadera.


The Best-Selling Bilog

One of the most popular items at Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream is the bilog. This is a type of brioche made from the same dough used in pandesal, a Filipino milk bun. The bilog is freshly baked at their sister brand and bakery, Panadera. It is then filled with a generous scoop of ice cream and served warm, creating the perfect balance between sweet and savory.

Filipino Ice Cream Across London

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream has become a hub for the Filipino community in London, and the brand has expanded to several locations across the city. You can find their parlours in Kentish Town Road in Camden, Newport Court in Chinatown London, and in the Ground Floor at the Atrium of Westfield London in White City.

Roadbook is a new digital platform for the world's creative travellers, offering insider city guides, photo essays, long-form features, and more. Paw's article explores how Asian cafes in London have built a cohesive community, and how brands like Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream are at the forefront of this movement.

Our brand's commitment to using authentic Filipino ingredients and flavours, as well as its role in building a cohesive community in London, has helped it to become a favourite among locals and tourists alike. So the next time you're in London, be sure to check out Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream and experience the unique flavours of the Philippines.