Ube Doughnuts

Ube Doughnuts

from 12.50

Filled with our signature UBE cream filling and dusted with sugar.

Our boxes consists of 4 pieces or 12 pieces of our famous UBE doughnuts

Baked fresh every morning you can pre-order now to reserve your doughnuts and pick up at one of our branches.

*Pre-orders are only available from Wednesday to Friday cut off time is at 6pm.

** Pick Up times:

Kentish Town: 1pm onwards

Chinatown: 3pm onwards

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Reservation Order Terms & Conditions

1. To receive a full refund, Mamasons requires a 24 hour cancellation notice via email.

2. Buyer must provide a valid UK contact number and email address.

3. If buyer fails to collect order on chosen date, this results in a forfeiture of the order. Mamasons is not liable to refund the full order amount in this circumstance.

4. Buyer must collect their order from the chosen branch.

5. Buyer acknowledges that the order can only be picked up after allocated pickup time.

6. Buyer must present confirmation email (shown through mobile device or printed copy) to Front of House employee before receiving order.