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Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the largest Filipino festival in Europe, In partnership with the Philippine centre and ABS - CBN/ TFC, Mamasons was proudly invited to be at the London Barrio Fiesta 2019! A 2-day celebration bringing Filipino food, culture and entertainment together for everyone to enjoy.

For our fellow Filipinos out there, you know it isn’t a Pinoy party without singing, dancing, food and a large company. At our little corner of the field, the Mamasons sari sari kubo (yes, made from real bamboo!) had all of that but better! Just like how it’s done in the Philippines. 

We had our resident dj @purple_hvzed who fashioned our mini Filipino fiesta at a fiesta with the music, live performances from our very talented Mamasons customers, cushioned crates for seating, and though we didn’t have the soft drinks in the plastic bags, among our ice cream scoops, we had our whopping 16oz halo halos, toasty bilogs and our newly kape kulay iced lattes. Keeping you guys cool with our Filipino desserts throughout the weekend.

A way to bring home, home, for our Pinoy audience and to introduce elements of the Filipino culture to anyone new to it, the best way possible.

Watch our London Barrio Fiesta vlog! Click to subscribe and watch more videos like this.

Thank you to everyone who came to our Kubo this weekend, we really appreciated your patience. We hope to have made your Barrio Fiesta 2019 experience just as enjoyable and memorable as it was for us! To TFC and The Philippine Centre for having us. And last but not least, especially to our Mamasons staff and Maginhawa group gang for working over and beyond to make Mamasons at Barrio Fiesta happen.

Stay updated with our IG @Mamasonsdirtyicecream, and follow our new YouTube Channel, Maginhawa. We hope to see you guys at next year’s London Barrio Fiesta and/or in our Kentish Town and Chinatown branches this week to remedy the coming heatwave!