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Cuddle Up with our Lockdown Bundles

Welcome to the London Lockdown 2.0 - yes another lockdown, can you believe it?! But this shouldn’t spoil any of our fun: especially with the fact that this lockdown has less restrictions than the first one. We hope that you are all keeping things positive, and testing negative. Whilst most of us are stuck at home (or studying/working outside) during these trying times, our eating habits may have changed, but we hope to bring your Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream favourites straight to you. 

As you have probably seen in our social media and our websites, we are bringing these sweet treats to you. How can you relish these bundles? Here are three different hacks on how you can maximise your bundle orders:

Hack #1: The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Pack 

Do you miss seating down in one of our stores or simply having a quick fix while you’re walking - say hello to our very own DIY style. You can either eat the baby bilog (plain) the way it is or you can toast the bread, whatever floats your boat -  we support you!

We recommend you to try our Baby Bilog & Ube Brownie bundle. Go scoop out your ice cream and use it as your filling, the way sorbeteros (dirty ice cream vendor) would serve it. Alternatively, you can also heat up your ube brownie, and top it off with your ice cream - the way we do it in both our Kentish Town and Chinatown branches.


Hack #2: The Guilty Pleasure Pack 

Do you get several urges for an ice cream treat midway work schedule or feeling peckish in the middle of the night? Lo and behold, stack your freezer with six spectacular ice-cream flavours of your choice.

We recommend for you to order a Full Freezer Ice Scream; this is perfect for a Netflix & Chill snack midway through your series or movie night. You can either share a tub or eat it individually  by yourself (without feeling guilty, of course - because you deserve it!). 

Hack #3: The Party Pack

Who said you can’t have a party while you’re in confinement? Turn the lights on and dress up  with your favourite party dress to your favourite night gown, whether you share the house party with your family or your flatmates (online or offline) - this bundle setup is for you!

Bring the lights up and the booze down - with brownies, baby bilogs, donuts, and of course your ice cream cravings: the Mamasons Variety Pack (MVP) or the Go Big Stay Home is perfect for you - whatever the party size may be, this is your party’s showstopper. 


Whatever your day may look like, whatever you fancy, and whoever that plus one you’re doing exercise with (yeah, right?) we’ve got you sorted: simply order online through our website using this link - Orders must be placed before 6pm every single day, Monday to Sunday. Don’t forget to wear that mask and wash your hands. We hope that you are keeping safe as you visit and we’ll sort your dessert favourites. Who doesn’t love a good value in a good bundle?