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BLOG INTERVIEW: From food to fashion

The Mamasons Limited Essential is the latest drop of the season. We’ve caught up with the team’s creative process at the Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream. Mae and Omar tells us more: 

“We’ve created a new line of creative merchandise for our community of new and loyal fans-alike. Our collection features something that is special - the perfect first items in your Christmas stockings”

 Mae and Omar, Founders of Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream


Q: How would you describe Mamasons style in three words?

O: Cool - Comfortable - Sweet. 

M: Young - Fun - Classic.


Q: What is your vision for the collection?

O: It’s all about representation - we see Mamasons not just an ice cream parlour but a brand that represents playfulness, essentially London. I would like to see people who appreciates the brand wearing our collection and know what it’s all about - which is culture and creativity.

M: Simple - Merchandise to memorise. We wanted to release this collection because we want people to remember the Mamasons experience and take it away with them. The collection isn’t just designed for the hype, but to commemorate the visit like a holiday (I’d personally buy a magnet when I’m abroad).

Q: What is your favourite piece from the Merch Drop

O: I’ve always printed many t-shirts in the past, but the crewneck really stands out for me. It’s substantial - it could be a staple for everybody. It’s the first piece I fully believe that it isn’t just any uniform, but something that can be worn every single day.

M: It’d definitely be the beanie; it’s an essential, it could go with everything and anything. You’ve got to make those ears warm.


Q: How is Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream culture convertible to fashion?

O: When you think about culture, you would think: food, fashion, music, and art. I believe that our brand embodies a certain emotion and feeling which can easily be translated to apparel. It’s hip, cool, and simple. If you get a bit of ube in it, no one’s going to know.

M: We wanted to see Mamasons everywhere. For me personally, I wanted to see a brand that represents my culture and heritage, especially as a second generation Filipina living in the UK. I feel very privileged to see something like this into the London mainstream scene. I see this as a great catalyst to our brand - it’s not just about ice cream, it’s now about fashion.


Q: What is the best merchandise to wear while eating bilog?

O: Anything that matches the colour of the ice cream! And beanies, it helps with the brain-freeze.

M: Two things - first, apron - if you eat your bilog messy; it covers literally everything. Second, the hoodie - you’d want to wear something comfortable because a bilog is very indulging to eat.


Q: Something for your Mamasons fans, what are your Winter Must Have / Styling tips?

O: My nipples finds it hard to stay warm during these seasons, so I’d personally recommend for all the brothers who goes through the same phase as me to wear undergarments. My nipples get really cold during winter. To hide these acorns I would recommend wearing a vest as an under garment. You wouldn't want to take anyone's eyes out. You can also never go wrong with a hoodie and a beanie, it goes well to protect you from extra cold winds. Also, an extra safe tip too - wear items that contrasts with snow.

M: Layers, layers, layers - need shall I say more. If you have a great neck - go for the crewneck and flaunt that!



Q: As a business, how did you land into this conversion idea from food to fashion?

O: We’ve been personally getting a lot of questions from our customers, asking our staff if they can buy their uniform. We’ve always had a very good design and marketing team, and so we wanted to give what the customers have always wanted.

M: Pre-COVID we were very busy dealing with our brands to be thinking about merchandise; thankfully with the lockdown, we had to stay productive. As a brand that also operates in Chinatown London, this has impacted us, so this was one of the fruits in which we could balance it all out.



It’s no doubt that if there’s anything resilient about the weather - it’d really be us, Londoners. Help yourselves and keep your items out the cold.

'On De Go' tote to bring streamlined protection for all your everyday items. Decorate your laptop with our 'Stickers for Days' to further keep your laptop in the warmth. The 'Bakers Swag' is an essential layer at the core of your kitchen swag when you bake your sweet treats.  Warm up with our drop by fostering your ice-cream visits at our branches with our Merch.

The Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream: Winter drop is now available at Kentish Town and Chinatown London branches, simply order it at HERE. A taste from home in your home.