Ube is the Filipino name for PURPLE YAM, not to be mistaken for taro, another root vegetable of the same colour. Ube is cultivated in Southeast Asia and Pacific islands as a result of the Austronesian expansion. The true origins of the vegetable however, is unknown. 

In the Philippines, ube is practically like Europe’s vanilla ice cream. A flavour that to some can be a little boring or be that simple, classic and the ultimate go-to flavour no matter what form it is in. And trust us, in Filipino cuisine, and especially desserts, there will be at least an ube-flavoured version of that dish.



But of course, we wouldn’t be the first Filipino ice cream parlour in the UK without having it as our signature flavour, and just to make it extra special, we have it available as a ube brownie, ube hot chocolate, ube iced latte and importantly in our bilogs. 

Our take of the Filipino novelty flavour, from a “potato” yam have been ever so popular with you lot on this side of the pond, and especially our Mamasons bilogs, which are our milk buns with ice cream inside. It’s toasty on the outside and creamy on the inside, was recently featured on Foodism. The ube bilog, was described as “phosphorescent bad boys” by Lucas Oakeley, writer at Foodism this weekend, and you know what? There is actually no perfect way to describe our ube flavoured ice cream filled bilogs, anyone really shouldn’t have them, but they’re just so hard to resist - such a tempting dessert that is delicious all year round. Read the article here.


There truly is no way of describing what ube tastes like and especially in our bilog buns, so if you’re curious to know, why don’t you drop by either our Kentish Town and Chinatown branches to try yours today!

And if you like the rest of us at Mamasons, love our ube ice cream AND our bilogs, then next time you’re in store, make sure to take a pic, share and tag us on ig @mamasonsdirtyicecream. Make sure to follow us to stay updated and to follow our new YouTube channel, Maginawa, to watch behind the scenes content behind Mamasons and our other restaurants!

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