London’s first “dirty ice cream parlour

This weekend Secret London have included us on their ‘17 Delicious Ice Cream Parlours In London To Cool You Down This Summer’ listing. Read it here

“Dirty ice cream” is the nickname used to describe the ice cream sold on the streets of manila. It’s best known for being affordable, delicious, and produced using little more than ice, salt, a steel pot, and a sturdy pair of hands. 

Read our previous blog post WTF IS DIRTY ICE CREAM? To know more about the “dirty” ice cream culture in the Philippines.


Signature Filipino inspired ice cream flavours 

  • Ube (ooh-bae) - Our signature flavour made from sweet purple yam.

  • Black Buko - A coconut ice cream flavour with activated charcoal (don’t worry the charcoal is just for the colour!).

  • Queso (keso) - This unique ice cream is cheese flavoured. Yes, cheese. A sweet & salty cheese sorbeto, unique taste to the philippines. When paired with ube make for a luscious combo.

  • Milo - Inspired from the malted chocolate drink, a household favourite across asia. It’s packed with chocolatey goodness.

In addition to our milk based ice creams, we have 2 sharp and tart vegan sorbets that’s just the right amount of sweet to tickle your fancy.

  • Calamansi -  A cherry sized citrus fruit is native to the Philippines and the surrounfing area. A flavour that is a cross between a lime and a kumquat.

  • Guyabano -  Otherwise known as soursop and part of the custard apple family. This sorbet tastes similar to a sour orange and sweet lime.


Last year, Secret London wrote London’s First ‘Dirty Ice Cream’ Parlour Is A Sweet Spot To Cool Off This Summer’, an extensive cover on Mamasons and our mouthwatering products. But all our ice creams are available as a single, double or even triple scoop boat (or black cone)! Or in our milkshakes, bilogs and halo halo!

Before this sweltering summer comes to an end, pop into either our Chinatown and Kentish Town branches for our tempting desserts and drinks! Please remember to keep an eye out on our ig @mamasonsdirtyicecream for updates and to follow our new YouTube channel, Maginhawa.

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