Growing up Asian is marked by, if not defined by these edible rice paper wrapped chewy parcels of milk candy goodness. Yes, White Rabbit Milk Candy was and is the Haribo of our childhood.

The history of the White Rabbit candy dates as far back as 1943, the candy was developed and manufactured at the ABC Candy Factory in Shangai. Word on the street was that a merchant from ABC tried a milk candy in England and liked it. And so the White Rabbit was born! But it didn’t always looks like it does today, nor was it called White Rabbit. The White Rabbit was in fact born under a different name, the ‘ABC Mickey Mouse Sweets’. 

The ABC factory became state owned during the Chinese Communist Revolution in the 50’s, during this period Mickey Mouse was regarded as a symbol of worshipping foreign countries, and so a rabbit replaced the mouse. And the rest is history. 


Here at Mamason’s we’re fans of making history, so this Easter Bank Holiday we’re bringing you the first ever White Rabbit inspired munchkins. This weekend only, to celebrate Easter and to celebrate the sweet nostalgic memories of our childhood you can indulge in a delicious bite of being 5 years old again. We have been working on perfecting the recipe for some time and are proud to announce that the munchkins are halal and suitable for vegetarians. Our signature doughnut recipe coated in a sweet ‘White Rabbit’ glaze and served up in fluffy bite size portions.

Our fluffy little friends were pre-order only via our website. This wasn’t one to miss.


Throughout the weekend we will also be scooping up White Rabbit Ice Cream. We have your White Rabbit fix well and truly covered. Stop by one of our stores and reminisce about childhood discussions (fights) about whether the White Rabbit wrapper was in fact edible (it is) and share with us your stories as to why this iconic candy occupies such a memorable part of your childhood.



We’re excited to hear your stories and for you to sample our latest creation. This one feels like a special one, a piece of our collective childhood served up in a fluffy little munchkin or scooped up in a cone.  We’re stoked – are you?


omar shah