After meeting pastry chef and entrepreneur, Ravneet Gill at Taste of London, Mamason’s founders, Omar and Mae, were invited for the first time to Countertalk’s Ice Cream Sunday event on the 30th of June 2019 at the the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green.


Sharing Filipino Ice Cream in the UK

Being amongst, Happy Endings, La Grotta Ices, Poco Gelato, Black Milq, Nonna’s Gelato and Carpigiani to attend. The event was set up to bring ice cream producers and connoisseurs in the UK’s ice cream cottage industry to give a small talk, network and enjoy an ice cream filled day with those who, like Mamasons, thrive off a passion for ice cream.

Though with a bit of nerves,  it was another great opportunity and as part of of what we feel is our social responsibility, for Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream to introduce our Filipino - inspired ice cream flavours and desserts. And as per our Mamasons way, we came through and served our signature bilogs with ube ice cream, toasty on the outside and creamy on the inside. Bringing everyone present, a Filipino 2 in 1 experience of what we do at Mamasons. 


What is Countertalk?

Countertalk was established by pastry chef and entrepreneur Ravneet Gill, after being in numerous uncomfortable and unprofessional circumstances working in kitchens. Countertalk promotes “simply the spirit of fair treatment, mutual respect, and equal opportunity”, ensuring positivity and the best working environment for both staff and employers in the hospitality industry.

If you would like to know more about Countertalk and Ravneets’ mission, check out their website


(Omar and Mae with Countertalk founder, Ravneet Gill)


Thank you to Ravneet Gill and to the team at Countertalk for such an amazing day, and to you guys who keep supporting Mamasons. And please remember to keep an eye out on our ig @mamasonsdirtyicecream for updates and to follow our new YouTube channel, Maginhawa.

Make sure to come down to Chinatown and Kentish Town branches to get your fill of iced desserts and drinks during this week’s heatwave!

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