If there’s one thing we’re known for, it’s bomb desserts, and if you’re looking for Filipino-inspired desserts, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be selling a pair of heavenly desserts at Mamasons Chinatown London - ube doughnuts and black buko pie! They all sell out quickly, but dm us on instagram if you’d like to pre-pay and reserve your pastry.


The ube doughnut was originally one of our many one-off desserts, sold for one weekend earlier this year. The overwhelming demand for them convinced us to bring them back one more time in March, but that wasn’t enough for you guys! So every weekend since the opening of our Chinatown branch, we’ve been selling (and selling out of) this baked bae. As with everything else in Mamasons, we make the doughnuts fresh in-house to sell through the week and pipe them full of our special ube-filling. We’ll be selling them this weekend (29th and 30th September 2018), but if you want to see when we’ll next have them, keep an eye on our gram.

You can buy a doughnut for £3.50.


Of all the products we’ve sold over the past year, the buko pie is one of the most requested for the comeback. How could we ignore you all? The buko pie is a traditional Filipino dessert - tender, young coconut meat makes up the creamy filling, and a flaky pie pastry surrounds it. People love our pie, but nobody loves it more than our Filipino followers!

We sell slices of pie for £7 and a whole pie (8 slices) for £35.

These aren’t our only baked desserts - we sell ube brownies and bilogs every day, and you can see our collection of limited desserts here. Keep an eye out for your new favourite!

omar shah