Barako bean bonanza

At Mamasons, we pride ourselves on bringing authentic, unique flavours from the Philippines to the UK. That’s our philosophy, and you see it reflected in the care we take in making our dirty ice cream, our milkshakes, and our wide variety of delicious desserts and pastries. And so it’s only fitting that our drinks are equally committed to bringing you the same classic Filipino tastes: we’ve paired up with Barako Bean co, a London-based coffee supplier that sources the highest quality premium coffee beans from the Philippines and roasts them right here in London, giving you a veritable international experience in every cup.

The story behind the coffee company

Barako bean doesn’t mess around when it comes to their coffee game. Their kapeng barako beans come from two main areas in the Philippines: the mountainous region of mount Malaryat in Lipa, Batangas, and the volcanic valley region of Miarayon in Bukidnon, Mindanao. From there, each bean is lovingly handpicked, dried on raised beds, and hand sorted. They are committed to brewing serious perfection, and it shows in every warm, delicious sip.

Originally started by two friends, Jovan and Omar, both second-generation Filipinos who were born and raised in London, Barako Bean has capitalised on the huge growth of coffee shops and café culture that has exploded in the city over the past two decades. Their boutique coffee, at once sophisticated and refreshingly unpretentious, has a distinctive flavour profile that distinguishes it from the rest of the UK coffee scene: it is super rich and invigorating, adding the perfect kick to your day when you need it most.

Have a cuppa!

Keen to try it for yourself? Drop into either of our stores—we’re located in Camden Town and Chinatown—to order a cup (or two…or five…). Try it with our toasty bilog or a slice of our delicious buko (coconut) crumble pie!

We can’t wait to share it with you!

Healthomar shah