Here’s the other half of our baked specials. If you missed the first half, here it is! Remember, everything at Mamasons is handmade in-house. We choose quality over quantity, but that means you need to move quickly to get our specials! Keep an eye on our socials (instagram and facebook) to be the first in the loop.

Choux Buns (Apr '18)


Now we’re moving up to artisan pastries! This French pastry ball is usually filled with whipped cream, but Mamasons ice-cream goes with everything, so we stuck it in our buns! Generously drizzled with caramel, ube or milo sauce, the choux trio left customers speechless as they scarfed them down. We eventually had to pull them off the menu for safety reasons – people were eating them too quickly!

Macarons (Apr '18)


“Don’t you mean macaroons”, we hear you cry? Nope, there’s a difference! Macaroons (two o’s) are coconut cookies, while macarons are the little sandwich biscuits that made waves in England a few years ago. We brought back the French pastry in our Mamasons flavours – black buko, calamansi (with guyabano jam) and classic ube. For one weekend only, you were able to get your hands on them, and they sold out fast. Who knows when they’ll make another appearance?

Well, we do, but we’re not telling.

Buko Crumble Pie (Apr '18)


April was a great month for new products at Mamasons. Our coconut pie was the third baked dessert to come out of the kitchen that month! Every bite packed a punch of freshly made coconut filling. With a scoop on top, it was a dessert filling enough to be a meal. That’s probably why our staff loved it so much!

Leche Flan E(Claire) (Jul '18)


The latest addition to our baked line-up, this eclare (get it?) Took its namesake from our good friend @lalalaclaire. The fellow Fili and instagram babe was the perfect match for our dessert. Crisp and flaky on the outside and oozing with a leche flan filling on the inside. We miss it already.

And there's the goods! If you want one of them back, you need to let us know! Shout at us on our socials  - we keep a close eye on them. Maybe your messages will bring back your favourite sooner.

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