A sweet history


Chocnut is a true, enduring staple within the Filipino dessert world. Its classic logo and packaging, which hasn’t changed over the years, is proof that it stands the test of time, having remained popular with both older and younger generations alike. For many adults, there’s a deep sense of nostalgia that chocnut stirs up for them, often flooding them with early childhood memories. We put a Mamasons twist on this traditional sweet for a London audience by making a delicious doughnut, whose creamy, chocolatey, nutty filling has an amazing texture and taste.


Leche flan

Originally introduced to the Philippines by the Spanish under colonial rule, leche flan has since gained widespread popularity in its own right. Similar to a creme caramel, it consists of milk, eggs, and vanilla with a deliciously soft caramel top. It’s enjoyed during Christmas and many other festive occasions throughout the year, so it was only fitting that we created one for our advent calendar too! The leche flan doughnut features a caramel custard filling that absolutely melts in your mouth with its smooth, rich texture.



Calamansi is a round citrus fruit native to the Philippines. Despite being small, it manages to pack a major punch, positively bursting with juice and flavour. As such, it blends well with other fruit juices and can be used in a wide range of products, including soft drinks, ice creams, sorbets, nectars, and jellies, to name just a few. Our doughnut pays tribute to this trademark Filipino food item in the form of a tangy, refreshing calamansi curd filling.  



Turon is a common street snack and much-loved dessert in the Philippines. It is a crispy lumpia roll that’s filled with banana, jackfruit, and brown sugar, and is then fried, giving it a nice, crunchy texture and a beautiful golden colour. Our take on turon for our advent calendar was a doughnut with real pieces of banana and jackfruit in a caramelised brown sugar compote. We wanted to remain faithful to the essence of this Filipino snack, while also putting a Mamasons spin on it.


Ube bites

A pillar of the Filipino dessert world, ube (purple yam) was the driving influence for our fifth day of doughnuts. It has been aptly described as “an amalgamation of vanilla with the nuttiness of pistachio,” and is our most popular ice cream flavour at Mamasons. We took this quintessentially Filipino flavour and mixed it with a classically American form: mini doughnut holes, which were popularized by dunkin donuts’ “munchkins” and tim hortons’ “timbits.” In our cross-cultural version, these doughnut holes were fried, lending it a soft, doughy centre and a crisp exterior. It was topped off with a coat of sweet ube glaze to give it that Mamasons oomph.

Where do I get these desserts?

The five days of doughnuts were just the beginning: you can enjoy the wide variety of special treats from our advent calendar for 13 more days! Until December 24th, we’ll be selling a new item for that day only. Come to either of our store locations in Camden Town and Chinatown to snag one, and, as always, keep an eye on our instagram stories for updates. We look forward to (deliciously) counting down the days to Christmas with you!  

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